A World Of Interpretations

  1. Gandini, Madonna and Child
  2. de Bry, Eleazar and Rebecca
  3. de Bry, The Venetian Ball
  4. Jamnitzer, Three Genii
  5. Saenredam, Paris and Oenone
  6. Muller, Johann Neyen
  7. Major, View of a River
  8. Elsheimer, Tobias
  9. van Sichem, The Musicians
  10. Cantagallina , Ship of Amerigo
  11. Ribera, The Poet
  12. Callot, Cap. Spessa Monti
  13. Callot, Vue du Pont Neuf
  14. van de Velde, Aer
  15. Schut, Martyrdom of St. George
  16. after van Dyck, Lucas van Uden
  17. Lorrain, Les Quatre Chèvres
  18. Franck, Soldiers Drinking
  19. Bosse, The Prodigal Son
  20. Mauperché, La Bergère Assise
  21. van Scheyndel, Peasant Woman
  22. Pérelle, Evening Landscape
  23. van den Steen, Saint Pepin
  24. Janssen, The Four Elements
  25. Matham, Phyllis
  26. Grimaldi, Landscape
  27. Grimaldi, Three Boats
  28. Rembrandt, Jan Cornelis Sylvius
  29. Rembrandt, The Flight into Egypt
  30. Rembrandt, Lieven van Coppenol
  31. Lievens, Jacques Gaultier
  32. Hollar, Caricature Head
  33. Attributed to Jan Fyt , Pigeons
  34. Della Bella, Le Reposoir du Saint Sacrement
  35. Della Bella, A Pikeman Standing
  36. van Ostade, Man and Woman
  37. van Ostade, The Singers
  38. Dubois, Extensive Landscape
  39. Carpioni, Madonna
  40. Chauveau, Timbalier et Trompette Turcs
  41. Faithorne, Thomas Mace
  42. Castiglione, The Nativity
  43. Master CpP, Apollo Flaying
  44. Stoop, Bridled Horse
  45. Berchem, The Rest
  46. Courtois, A Cavalry Battle
  47. Nanteuil, Godefroy-Maurice de la Tour d’Auvergne
  48. Nanteuil, Pierre Séguier
  49. van der Ulft, Aqueduct
  50. van der Ulft, Villa on a Hill
  51. Visscher, The Gypsy Woman
  52. Bega, The Family
  53. van Heemskerck, Peasants
  54. Thuenkel, Floral Ornaments
  55. van Somer, The Drinker Asleep
  56. Anonymous English, Faiths
  57. Meyer, Landscape with Trees

10. Remigio Cantagallina
(1582-ca. 1630)

The Ship of Amerigo Vespucci

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Cantagallina , Ship of Amerigo

The Ship of Amerigo Vespucci

Etching, 1608, Bartsch 16 ii/ii, Blumenthal (Theater Art of the Medici) 22, 190 x 273 mm. A representation of the fourth of seven musical Intermedios presented on October 25, 1608 in the Medici Theater in Florence for the wedding of Cosimo de' Medici and Marie Magdalene of Austria. This particular one had special significance in that it was apparently the first portrayal of a historical personage on the theatrical stage: Amerigo Vespucci is shown here as the discoverer of America. The image shows a rock in the sea, with ladies playing musical instruments. The exotic shores of the West Indies and water teeming with sea creatures surround it. Vespucci, standing on the prow of his ship, is at the right, and an orchestra sits on a cloud above. The Intermedio had music composed by Giovambattista Strozzi. A fine, early impression (the guidelines for the text still showing) printed with a film of ink tone across the plate, on laid paper watermarked with a crown in a circle surmounted by a six-pointed star; trimmed on or close to the borderline, the full text below. Rare.