29. Jan Fyt

The Set of Animals (set of 8)

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Fyt, Set of Animals

The Set of Animals (set of 8)

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Etchings, each ca. 70 x 99 mm., Bartsch 1-8, Hollstein 1-8 i/ii, ex collections: King Ferdinand of Portugal (Lugt 968), Freiherr von und zu Aufsess (L. 2750); E. A. Scollin, M.D. (not in L.). Superb, uniform impressions of the complete set, on laid paper with small margins and in fine, fresh condition. The set includes Billy Goats, Ox, Horse, Recumbent Dog, Recumbent Cow, Wagon Near a Tree, Recumbent Cow and Two Foxes. Fyt, who was born and worked in Antwerp, was a student of Frans Snyders and the master of Peter Boel. He was one of the greatest animal painters of his time, having entered the Guild of St. Luke as a master at the age of twenty. As an etcher he was wonderfully free and spontaneous, capturing his subjects at the spur of the moment with the ease of a born draughtsman. He made, unfortunately, only sixteen etchings and complete sets of fine quality are rare.

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