Dürer, The Death of the Virgin
Dürer, The Virgin with the Swaddled
Krug, Madonna and Child
Beham, Christ Bearing the Cross
Beham, Cimon and Pero
Beham, Triumph of the Noble
Lautensack, Landscape
Goltzius, Pietà
Muller, Cleopatra
Muller, The Fight
Callot, La Petite Place de Sienne
Bosse, Le Pâtissier
Rembrandt, Christ and the Woman
Rembrandt, The Goldsmith
Della Bella, The Five Deaths
Della Bella, Death on the Battlefield
Falck, Vanitas (Old Coquette)
Cantarini, St. Anthony of Padua
Vauquer, Ornament Plate
Everdingen, Four Mineral Springs
Canaletto, Imaginary View of Venice
Hogarth, Two Receipts
Le Bas, Repas Italien
Frye, Life-Sized Heads
Piranesi, Veduta del Porto
Piranesi, Veduta del Ponte
Tiepolo, The Four Evangelists
Dambrun, La Partie de Wisch
Lafitte, An Amorous Couple
Gericault, Horses Going to a Fair
Cruikshank, “Charing Cross?”
Decamps, Les Mendiants
Callow, Bologna
Malardot, La Pêche
Malardot, Two Peasants
Bracquemond, Le Haut
Whistler, Annie, Seated
Whistler, Thames Police
Whistler, Thames Warehouses
Carrière, Self Portrait
Devambez, Quai de Métro
Haskell, Caricature of Whistler
Barlach, Die Wandlungen Gottes
Laboureur, January in the Omnibus
Laboureur, La Halte des Bohèmiens
Bellows, The Black Hand
Blampied, Nursing the Baby
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Dear Curators, Collectors and, of course, Friends,

We would like to announce our latest web exhibition. This time there is no theme: no long discussions of provenance; no survey of a particular time or place; no art historical argument. We have simply fallen back on that time-honored designation: Recent Acquisitions.

We will not be exhibiting at the IFPDA Print Fair this coming fall; the physical and mental strain of it being now just too much for at least one of us. Instead, we shall participate in the Satellite Print Fair at roughly the same time, a smaller, shorter, more intimate (like in the old days) show. I mention this in this context, to indicate that we are not holding back any top items for the “big” show. This exhibit, then, simply contains the best that we have acquired recently. There are many superb prints and sets of prints, some of them not seen on the market for many years, a number of distinctly unusual and beautiful drawings, and some lesser items which, nevertheless, have their own interest and appeal, not the least of which may be their low prices. We look forward to your response.

James Goodfriend
Carol Goodfriend
Elizabeth Napier