''A mocking kiss''

Ghezzi: The Master at the Harpsichord and His Two Disciples
Hogarth: The Four Times of Day
Anon. British: The Bishopric
Benedetti: The Night Beauty
Goya: All Will Fall
Goya: They are Hot
Goya: Yes he Broke the pot
Rowlandson: Death Taking the Young Mother
Rowlandson: Mr. Bullock's Exhibition of Laplanders
Gillray: The Bulstrode Siren
att. to Heath: The Wish Granted
Desperret: ''The Charter is a reality...''
Tregear: A Genius
Travies de Villers: The Political Tower of Babel
Anonymous (19th Century): The Gout
Bracquemond: Margot la Critique
Detouche: La Gourmandise
Bellows: Solitude
de Bruycker: Placing the Dragon
Blampied: Deux Précieux
Eichenberg: The Follies of the Court
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