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How do I know it's authentic?
How do I know that the price is right?
Can I Try To negotiate a better price?
Is it a good investment?
Am I getting a bargain?
Shouldn't I buy only famous prints?
Suppose I've never heard of an artist?
What about stolen goods?
What if I don't know about prints or drawings?
How many of them were made?
How good is the quality?
What should I collect?

Can I negotiate a better price?

You can try. Some dealers are open to it, some aren't. Some are amenable on some items but not on others. If you feel that negotiation is necessary (meaning that you want the item in question but would not buy it at the asking price), be quietly discrete about it. "Is there any way you would consider a lower price for it?" is better than "How much to me?" But be prepared to be ignored or shown the door if the dealer has an antipathy to such things. In an auction house, of course, you don't negotiate anything. You pay more than anyone else bidding is willing to pay or you go without.