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Title:: Danse Russe Year:: 1766
Artist: Saint-Aubin, Augustin de After: Le Prince, Jean-Baptiste
Medium: etching Provenance:
Period: French 18th Century School/Style: Reproductive
Catalogs: Bocher 550 iii/iii;
Price: $500.00
Description: The engraving was completed by Nicolas Delaunay (1739-92). A fine impression on laid paper with good margins; the inscription "Tom. 1, No. XXV" above the image to the left has been scraped off just affecting the top shading lines. The image shows a Russian peasant couple dancing before the porch of a large house on which are perched three musicians and, under a canopy, a group of elegant observers. Others of lower class are standing or sitting below. Russia was a constant source of interest to the French in the eighteenth century. The book from which this plate derives was the result of a commission from the King of France and a good part of Le Prince's artistic output was devoted to picturing Russian costumes, scenes and customs, which were made into prints both by him and by other eminent artists.