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Title:: Lucius Tarquinius Expelling Servius Tullius from the Senate House Year:: 1795
Artist: Pernati, Damiano After: Sabatelli, Alo. (?)
Medium: etching Provenance:
Period: Italian 18th Century School/Style: Neoclassical
Catalogs: Height(mm):
Price: $300.00
Description: The story derives from Livy I:48. Servius Tullius was one of the legendary kings of Rome (6th Century BC). A conspiracy was set up to depose Servius and place Lucius Tarquinius on the throne, a plot entered into by Servius' daughter who was Tarquinius' wife. Servius was thrown from the senate house and assassinated in the street where his daughter's chariot ran unheedingly over his dead body. The scene here is on the steps of the senate house, Servius being lifted and thrown before a gathering crowd. Not your usual subject for a historical print Fine impression on laid paper with good margins; slight waterstain in one corner. Alo. (Alois) Sabatelli must be Luigi Sabatelli (1772-1850), Italian neo-classical painter.