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Title:: L'Empire C'est la Paix Year:: 1870
Artist: Daumier, Honoré After:  
Medium: gillotage Provenance:
Period: French 19th Century School/Style: Caricature 18th-19th Century
Catalogs: Delteil 3814;
Daumier Register 3814;
Price: $250.00
Description: Fine impression on wove paper with margins, as published in the Album du Siège in 1870, just after its publication in Actualités. The image shows the innocent dead of the Franco-Prussian War lying among the ruins. The title derives first from the proclamation of Napoléon III after the war, on October 9, 1852, as a reason fro re-establishing the monarchy, and second, from the lines by Victor Hugo: "Oh, Dead, the grass grows silently upon your catacombs. Sleep in your shrouds! Be quiet in your tombs! The empire means peace!"