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Title:: Paul Before Felix (plus the copy by Luke Sullivan) Year:: 1752
Artist: Hogarth, William After:  
Medium: engraving Provenance: Chelsea Public Library (not in Lugt)
Period: British 18th Century School/Style: Reproductive
Catalogs: Paulsen 192 iii/iv;
Price: $500.00
Description: Fine impressions before the Boydell edition on laid paper with large margins; edge tears and knicks far from the platemark. Hogarth's own print is in reverse of his painting and adds additional figures; Sullivan's is in the same direction as the painting, omits the figure of Drusilla, but is otherwise faithful to the painting The painting itself is partially based on Raphael. Sullivan's copy is also in the third state of four, before the Boydell edition and in the same condition as the Hogarth. The two prints together make an interesting footnote to the whole idea of reproductive engraving, the assistant's being faithful to the original and the creator's attempting to improve on it.