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Title:: Les Augures Modernes (Modern Soothsayers) Year:: 1867
Artist: Daumier, HonorĂ© After:  
Medium: lithograph Provenance: R. Gaston-Dreyfus (not in Lugt)
Period: French 19th Century School/Style: Caricature 18th-19th Century
Catalogs: Delteil 3611 ii/ii;
Daumier Register 3611 ii/ii;
Hazard & Delteil 3349;
Price: $900.00
Description: A brilliant impression on thin wove paper with large margins, a printer's proof with text but before publication, signed and dated (two weeks before publication) in brown ink by the printer Destouches. This impression cited in the Daumier Register. The text reads "Les Augures Modernes / N'ont pas du tout l'air d'avoir envie de rire en se regardant," which can be translated as "Modern Soothsayers don't feel like laughing when they see each other." The text originates from Cicero: "I wonder why a soothsayer doesn't laugh when he sees another soothsayer." Soothsayers, of course, predict the future. These two, are dressed in togas but one wears a 19th-century military helmet and other Chinese-like conical cap. One would imagine their predictions would conflict with each other. In a way, the print is an allegory of ignorance.