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Title:: Henry Somm Year:: 1898
Artist: Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de After:  
Medium: drypoint Provenance:
Period: French 19th Century School/Style: Impressionist
Catalogs: Delteil 6;
Adhèmar 281;
Wittrock 244;
Adreani 246;
Price: $1,000.00
Description: Fine, though as always, light impression in sanguine on japan paper with good margins, from the 1927 edition by Henri Floury published in Joyant's book. There were 200 impressions each in sanguine and black. No lifetime impressions are known, although there was a small edition (25) in 1911, which is extremely rare. The work is clearly the most attractive one of T-L's small output in drypoint, works whose scarcity or total lack of contemporary impressions indicate that they were done for his own private purposes and not for general circulation. Henry Somm (real name Clement Georges Sommier) was a highly talented artist and print maker whose works often exdemply the Japonisme movement.

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