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Title:: L'Aide Gracieuse Year:: 1907-8
Artist: Villon, Jacques Gaston After:  
Medium: etching Provenance:
Period: French 20th Century School/Style:
Catalogs: Ginestet & Pouillon E-202 i/iv;
Auberty & PĂ©russaux 117;
Price: $4,000.00
Description: Superb and probably unique first state proof impression in pure etching on an irregularly torn sheet of heavy wove paper, verso a partial impression in two colors of Petites Bagneuses E-229), with margins, signed in pencil and inscribed "1 Etat nature." G & P express confusion about the states and their illustration of the "second"state cannot possibly be from the same plate and must be another version of the subject from an as yet unrecorded plate. A & P note an edition of 30 of the fourth and final state of this plate, which is not mentioned by G & P. The actual number of states here is still open to question, but Goldschmidt illutrated a second state (completely different from the one in G & P) which fits logically between this proof and the final state. Goldschmidt also mentions that the dates should probably be adjusted because 202 and 229 must have been made at nearly the same time, either 1907 or 1908. Finally, G. & P. remark that this plate, and the two following, mark the first appearance of a new style in Villon's work.

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