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Title:: Vautours (Vultures) Year:: 1854
Artist: Doré, Gustave After:  
Medium: lithograph Provenance:
Period: French 19th Century School/Style: Caricature 18th-19th Century
Catalogs: Béraldi 67, No. 13;
B. N. Inv. 192, No. 13;
Price: $300.00
Description: Good impression on white wove paper with good margins. There are two separate scene, both on staircases. In the first, a pregnant woman and her two childred are being turned out of a house by a man holding papers in his hand, presumably eviction notices. In the second, a stout bearded man of means, descending the stairs, barely tips his top hat to two men who have obsequiously doffed theirs to him. Béraldi explains that "vautour" is derogatory for "proprietaire", landlord or property owner.