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Title:: Page from the Nuremberg Chronicle Year:: 1493
Artist: Workshop of Wohlgemut, Michael After:  
Medium: woodcut Provenance:
Period: German 15th Century School/Style: Gothic
Catalogs: Height(mm):
Price: $350.00
Description: The full sheet with Latin text containing, recto & verso, two medium size woodcuts, the martyrdom of St. Andreas and the martyrdom of St. Thomas, and five small portrait busts, four of which show the four emperors who ruled the Roman empire during the single year AD 79: Galba, Otho, Vitellius and Vespasian. The final portrait is of Marcus Fabius Quintilianus (ca. 35-100), a Spanish-born Roman rhetorician. Short tears at the top of the sheet. Framed to show both sides.