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Title:: Skeleton of a Fetus, Front View and Back View (2 prints) Year:: 1716
Artist: Seiller, Johann Georg After:  
Medium: etching Provenance:
Period: Swiss 18th Century School/Style: Scientific Illustration
Catalogs: Height(mm):
Price: $900.00
Description: Fine, clear impressions on laid paper with small margins on three sides, cut into the blank plate margin at the right; a rust spot on the first plate. These are plates 42 and 43 from Eustachi's "Tabulae Anatomicae," published 1716-17 by Cramer and Perichon. Bartolomeo Eustachi (d. 1574), a contemporary of Vesalius, was, with the latter, one of the founders of the science of human anatomy. The Eustachian tube of the inner ear was named after him. Seiller, a Swiss etcher and engraver, was a master of anatomical illustration.