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Title:: Bookplate with the Arms of Hector Pömer Year:: 1525
Artist: Beham, Hans Sebald After:  
Medium: woodcut Provenance:
Period: German 16th Century School/Style: Renaissance
Catalogs: Bartsch 163 (as Dürer);
Pauli 1352 (as Beham);
Price: $1,800.00
Description: Fine impression, showng the same losses in the borderline as other impressions seen, on thin, laid paper with an indecipherable watermark, and thread margins outside the borderline. The work was originally catalogued by Bartsch as Dürer. Pauli claimed it as H. S. Beham. Opinion may now be shifting back to Dürer. The monogram at the base of the design is that of the block cutter (formschneider), believed to be Hieronymous Andreä, sometimes called Resch, who is best known as the cutter of Dürer's huge Triumphal Arch woodcut and esteemed as one of the finest cutters of his time. However, none of the known blocks cut by Andreä bear this monogram. To further complicate matters, Andreä is also known to have cut some blocks for Beham. Pömer was provost of the Church of St. Lawrence in Nuremberg in 1525 and would presumably have been acquainted with both Dürer and Beham. St. Lawrence is pictured here holding up the shield of the Pömer family and in the four corners are the shields of related families. The print is believed to be the earliest dated German bookplate.