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Title:: Cephale et Amphitryon Chassent le Renard de Thèbes Year::
Artist: Delaune, Etienne After:  
Medium: engraving Provenance:
Period: French 16th Century School/Style: Little Master
Catalogs: Robert-Dumesnil 110;
Price: $400.00
Description: Fine, clear impression on laid paper, trimmed inside the rectangular plate mark but well outside the oval composition and text. The story is complicated. The Teumessian Fox was a gigantic fox that was destined by the gods never to be caught. It preyed upon the children of Thebes. Amphitryon was given the impossible task of destroying it. In attempting this, Amphitryon called upon the dog Laelaps, who in turn had been destined to catch whatever he chased. Zeus, faced with this contradiction, turned both beasts to stone. They were cast into the stars and became Canis Major (the dog) and Canis Minor (the fox).