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Title:: Ruffian dégage les objets du Mont de Piété… Year:: 1838
Artist: Daumier, Honoré After:  
Medium: lithograph Provenance:
Period: French 19th Century School/Style: Caricature 18th-19th Century
Catalogs: Delteil 536 ii/ii;
Daumier Register 536 ii/ii;
Hazard & Delteil 598 only state;
Price: $150.00
Description: Fine impression on white wove paper with good margins on three sides, the margin narrow and uneven at the left; horizontal centerfold reinforced, a few creases. The title reads "Hooligan redeems things from the Municipal pawnbrokers and sells them. Purchase and sale of all sorts of merchandise." The conversation between the conniver and his victim goes as follows: "I have obtained your watch here. I give you 5 francs for it." "Five francs! I'd rather leave it in pawn." "As you like, but in that case you owe me 10 francs for my travel and commission."