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Title:: Premiere Suite de Soldats; Seconde Suite des Figures Year::
Artist: Loutherbourg, Philippe-Jacques After:  
Medium: etching Provenance:
Period: French 18th Century School/Style:
Catalogs: Baudicour 1-12 iii/iii;
LeBlanc 21-26; 32-38;
Price: $2,500.00
Description: Two complete suites of figures, very fine, fresh impressions on laid paper with large, full margins. The first set, perhaps inspired by Salvator Rosa, though not in any way copied from his works, shows a variety of soldiers of earlier time, some in armor, some in animal skins, several with victims, set in fairly finished backgrounds. The second set is more varied, showing a toper, two mountebanks, a vegetable woman, and other types, again in omplex settings. In online exhibition, THE ALMOST-FORGOTTEN CENTURY (The 18th, In Case You Forgot).