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Title:: Diable!…Diable! parait que le rasoir n'est guère bon… Year:: 1847
Artist: Daumier, Honoré After:  
Medium: lithograph Provenance:
Period: French 19th Century School/Style: Caricature 18th-19th Century
Catalogs: Delteil 1540 ii/ii;
Daumier Register 1540 ii/ii;
B. N. Inv. 201, No. 64;
Hazard & Delteil 917;
Price: $500.00
Description: Very fine, fresh impression on white wove paper with good margins. The scene is in a barber shop, one man in the background being shaved, a second, in front, awaiting his turn. The text reads: "The Devil! It seems the razor is not much good anymore…and it will be worse when it's my turn." The print is rare, according to the Daumier Register, even in its published state. It appeared in Charivari in 1847.