Old Master Prints and Drawings

  1. Dürer, Knot
  2. Dürer, The Entry of Christ into Jerusalem
  3. Dürer, Peter and John Healing the Cripple
  4. Cranach, The Death of St. John
  5. Duvet, The Beast with Seven Heads and Ten Horns
  6. van Leyden, Joseph Interpreting Pharoah's Dreams
  7. Beham, Vertical Ornament with a Male Figure
  8. Beham, Hercules with Nemean Lion
  9. Beham, The Peasants' Feast
  10. Aldegrever, Ornament with a Child Holding Foliage
  11. Solis, Four Acrobats and a Monkey
  12. Lautensack, River Town & Cabin and Two Pines
  13. Cambiaso, Saint John the Evangelist
  14. Anonymous Italian, Designs for Relief Pilasters
  15. Carracci, Christ & Madonna Appearing
  16. after Goltzius, The Doctor as God the Saviour
  17. Collaert, Arion and the Dolphin
  18. Sadeler, Lamentation by Three Angels
  19. Brizio, An Extensive Landscape
  20. Frisius, The Old St. Anthony's Gate
  21. Serwouters, David Fighting the Bear
  22. Visscher, Het Dorp Middelaer
  23. Callot, Le Parterre de Nancy
  24. Callot, La Revanche des Paysans
  25. Jordaens, Christ Cleansing the Temple
  26. Swanevelt, The Little Waterfall
  27. Rembrandt, The Small Lion Hunt
  28. Rembrandt, Rembrandt with Cap
  29. Rembrandt, Christ & Woman of Samaria
  30. Circle of Rembrandt, Adam Naming the Animals
  31. Dubois, River Landscape
  32. Wyngaerde, The Dream of Silenus
  33. Bol, Portrait of an Officer
  34. Attributed to Koninck, Manoah's Sacrifice
  35. Weyer, Cavalry Battle
  36. Everdingen, Round Landscape with a Wooden Bridge
  37. Nooms, The Four Elements
  38. Nooms, The Nieuwe Reguliers Gate
  39. d' Onofri, Apollo and a Nymph Leading a Lion
  40. Giordano, Christ & Veronica on the Road to Calvary
  41. Robinson, Banquet Piece with a Tobacco Jar
  42. Robinson, Banquet Piece with Covered Bowl, Lobster and Game
  43. Tavella, Farm Scene in a Landscape
  44. Boitard, God the Father Supported by Angels
  45. Diziani, The Martyrdom of St. Andrew
  46. Canaletto, View of a Town on a River Bank
  47. Canaletto, Al Dolo
  48. Subleyras, La Madeleine aux Pieds de Jesus
  49. Tiepolo, The Flight into Egypt
  50. Robert, Villa Conti, Frascati
  51. Moreau, Harbor Scene with Figures

12. Hanns Sebald Lautensack
(German, 1524-ca. 1560)

A River Town (left half of landscape); A Cabin and Two Pines (right half of landscape)

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Lautensack, River Town & Cabin and Two Pines

A River Town (left half of landscape); A Cabin and Two Pines (right half of landscape)

Etchings on iron, 1551, 166 x 108 mm. and 167 x 112 mm. Bartsch 32 and 33, Hollstein 22 ii/ii and 23 ii/ii, Schmitt 49. Provenance of B. 33: Friedrich August II of Saxony (Lugt 971). The first a fine, strong impression with some light rust marks on laid paper, trimmed on or just inside the borderline on three sides, the borderline visible in places on each side, trimmed to the subject at the right where there is no borderline; a small restored loss at the bottom and a tiny one at the upper left corner. The second, a very fine and strong impression on laid paper trimmed to the borderline and remargined. Though catalogued separately by both Bartsch and Hollstein, the two works form a single larger landscape. No impression is known of a single larger plate and apparently the two were always printed separately. The plate tones of the two impressions here are different. Rare, as are most Lautensack landscape etchings