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How do I know it's authentic?
How do I know that the price is right?
Can I Try To negotiate a better price?
Is it a good investment?
Am I getting a bargain?
Shouldn't I buy only famous prints?
Suppose I've never heard of an artist?
What about stolen goods?
What if I don't know about prints or drawings?
How many of them were made?
How good is the quality?
What should I collect?

What should I collect?

Collect what interests you and pleases you and is within your means. Only you know what you like and any dealer can advise you as to what it's likely to cost. If you find yourself fascinated by a particular kind of print or drawing, specialize. If not, then don't. Nothing is served by building an extensive collection of something that bores you. A generalized collection may make less sense to an outsider than a specialized one, but it will make sense to you and it will give you pleasure for years to come.

If you have found these remarks sensible, you may want to visit us in person and view some of our very extensive collection of prints and drawings. Please make an appointment because our physical quarters are small and we can usually help only one or two clients at a time. There is no obligation to buy. Should you have questions about a print or drawing you already own, bring it with you and we shall do our best to supply the information you want. We are open by appointment five days a week from 10 to 6, Saturdays by special arrangement.