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How do I know it's authentic?
How do I know that the price is right?
Can I Try To negotiate a better price?
Is it a good investment?
Am I getting a bargain?
Shouldn't I buy only famous prints?
Suppose I've never heard of an artist?
What about stolen goods?
What if I don't know about prints or drawings?
How many of them were made?
How good is the quality?
What should I collect?

What about if I don't know about prints or drawings?

Much as it may surprise some people, everyone is a beginner sometime. Most dealers are aware of this and are prepared to give of their time and knowledge to anyone who displays more than just an idle curiosity. If you don't know, ask. Ask us if you like, but ask somebody. No dealer will consider you stupid for asking. On the contrary, the dealer will probably admire your perspicacity in choosing him or her to answer your questions. Print fairs, for example, are more than just a lot of prints and drawings for sale; they are assemblages of knowledge and experience virtually on tap and, if you've paid your way in, you are foolish not to take advantage of what is available. Just be considerate; don't monopolize a busy dealer's time.