Anonymous, Christ Crowned
van Leyden, A Young Man
Claesz, St. Peter Seated
att. to Aertsen, St. John
Cort, Maria Magdalena
Wierix, Perseus and Andromeda
Sadeler, Annunciation
Collaert, Italian Landscape
Sadeler, May and June
Sadeler, July and August
Muller, Albert, Archduke of Austria
Casembrot, A Galley at Anchor
van Uden, Landscape with a Man
Uyttenbroeck, Mercury Accuses
Akersloot, View of Haarlem
Rembrandt, The Descent
Rembrandt, Beggars Receiving
Rembrandt, Jews in Synagogue
Rembrandt, Faust
Rembrandt, The Pancake Woman
Pupil Of Rembrandt, Old Woman
Lievens, Jacques Gaultier
Post, Public Executions
Waterloo, Farmhouse
Waterloo, The Little Hunchback
Both, Two Hinnies
Van Ostade, The Fiddler
Van Ostade, The Breakfast
Fyt, Set of Animals
Nolpe, Four Gentlemen
Suyderhoef, Peasants in an Inn
Berchem, Animalia
Everdingen, The Mineral Springs
Dujardin, Man and Two Donkeys
Zeeman, Harbor Scene
Visscher, Angel Appearing
Bega, The Family
van der Cabel, River Landscape
Schoonebeck,  Frontispiece
Dusart, The Violinist
Gole, Backgammon Players
Pickaert, The Five Senses
Tanjé, Pieter Tanjé
Le Loup, View of the Town
Soeterik, Boaters on a Lake
Jongkind, Jetée en Bois
Rops, La Messagère
Toorop, Venise Sauvée
Van Hoytema, Ducks in a Pond
de Bruycker, Autour le Chateau
Nieuwenkamp, Tooren van Amersfoort
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