15. Lucien Gautier
(1850-ca. 1924)

Le Marché aux Fleurs, Paris

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Gautier, Le Marché aux Fleurs, Paris
Le Marché aux Fleurs, Paris
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Etching, 1906, Béraldi and B. N. Inv. N.D., 129 x 175 mm. Fine impression on simili-japon with small margins, signed in pencil. Of the many etchers of Paris, Gautier has usually been looked down upon as a mere recorder of scenes, lacking in the kind of personal interpretation so evident in the works of others like Meryon and Buhot. But sometimes the scene itself can be delightful and Gautier was no slouch as a technician. One would search hard to find a more evocative print of the Paris flower market than this one.